The Animals


             Our Orphaned baby alpaca(cria) enjoying the attention from our Japanese guests                                                                                     

Chrissy- the free-flying lorikeet

 This is the "top dog" of Wainui country retreat.      If she is not perched on my (Devon’s) shoulder offering some apparently wise bird advise, she will be patrolling the skies around the farm, or even the neighboring properties causing heads to turn. All residing  cats, dogs,  humans, cattle, sheep  are in awe of  this 100grams of serious attitude. One of her favorite pass-times is to make perfect telephone noises from the tree tops and favorite spots around the home- many a time we have been fooled-you are warned.

Alpacas ( similar to the Llama)

These graceful, regal and  somewhat snobby creatures originate  from Peru & Chille. They live mostly on the front lawn in front of the homestead or Waterfall lodge. They are renowned for their exotic and beautiful fine fleece. Shearing occurs  once a year. Meet these awesome creatures- Calypso, Zchivargo and Moccachino  (the latter is presently pregnant due March  2009). Watch this space.

We have been raising and bottle feeding two orphaned alpaca babies (cria) during this 2009  winter- they are fun and wonderful additions to the place. Guest below having fun......

Sheep  Self-shearing (true)

We love our sheep, especially these cuties. By the time we have a couple of generations produced from our 100% dorper ram, we will have what we believe the ideal sheep for our farm. Friendly, will eat from our hands, cute looking, great mums ( with over 100% lambing  in our first season) and importantly  will be SELF-SHEARING. They are in lawn mowing  training for the lawn around your  cottage ( generally timed for when it is unoccupied).

White Fantail Doves

Graceful peaceful wild doves that we feed twice daily at the dovecots.
Nesting in the dovecots, the entertainment begins when the young are ready for flying lessons.


Goats  raised as pets and then onto the job of weed control,

Most seasons we hand rear 2-3 kids. These cute, intelligent, personality filled, mischievious handfuls bring much entertainment.

Below-Yes this is a kid goat dressed to kill. He has grown into a fine looking male boar goat and discarded the dressing up fetish.  

Beef Cattle

The farm traditionally has reared young calves both on jersey nursing cows combined with the more labor intensive, milk powder method.
The beef cattle are raised and sold at around the two year old mark. During these two years, the welfare of each animal is  the  priority. Their personalities are varied so many  have names, are too friendly, eat from our hands. The cow is a placid inquisitive creature and if not contolled/fenced properly can create some interesting situations.


A farm is not a farm with out these  friendly, under-rated creatures. They provide much pleasure  to all that visit here   from their  cuddle -loving squats to the delicious eggs they provide us daily. Please note- there is no rooster so no early wake ups - just all the positives.

Once you try our eggs the shop bought variety just won't be the same.