About Us here at Wainui Country Retreat


We are fortunate to live in the best of both worlds- a place  that is truly rural but on the outskirts of a wonderful international city within a stunning country. We wish to share this with you offering Waterfall Lodge as your country getaway on our 45 acres of picturesque farmland.

The original part of our homestead is one of the oldest houses in the area, built by the early settlers from England in the 1860's in the old farming community of Wainui, North Auckland.


We love animals, who actually rules who, is a subject of much debate around the dinner table. So we have house residing varieties, adjacent to the home varieties and a variety of farm animals ( most of which are named) that have certain purposes in life and jobs to get on with and  must stay in their allocated paddocks or enclosures, usually for their own safety and well-being, till we say otherwise- usually this works.

It requires a total commitment to attend to the land and the animals that graze the property, therefore as a small working farm, the priority list never ends and of course is largely dictated by the weather & the seasons.

Your privacy, as guests on our property, is something we respect enormously. There may however, be the occasional need to attend to an animal or fence near your Lodge. You may wish to join in however - if so, you will no doubt leave with another one of life's experiences to treasure.

We aim to help make your stay very special. Our guests stay here for many reasons- but whatever you purpose  just let us know and we will help achieve your wishes from assisting with choosing local activities in the vacinity such as  a horse riding trek, a short drive to Puhoi and its attractions, or leaving you to that well needed escape from the world or that romantic getaway.